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Did you know? Some ways authors provide #Free ebooks

Sometimes authors price books temporarily free, such as a flash sale or free promotion. Other times, authors will permanently mark books for free. Most of the time perma-free books are used to drive sales to other books. Generally, free ebooks are series starters or are books used as reader magnets (for example, book hooks to capture the reader's attention and move them toward the author's backlist).

There are various ways to offer books for free. Authors may use platforms like bookfunnelor instafreebie, and join in with other authors for multi-author free promotions. Or, those same platforms can be used for authors to leverage individually for their own personal promotions and giveaways.

Uploading free ebooks to retailers sites, so that the books are available alongside the paid backlist, is another way. Readers can find free ebooks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo sites, among others.

Authors may provide complete novels for free, or sometimes only a sample of…

Create the habit -- When is your write time?

Imagine it is five o’clock in the morning. Your alarm goes off. You blink, stretch, throw your legs over the side of the bed and attempt to orient yourself to the day. After a moment or two of taking care of immediate needs, you stumble to the kitchen, fumble with the coffee maker, and wait for the drip-drip-drip to finish so that you can properly caffeinate yourself in preparation for writing.

Yes. Coffee is a very important part of my writing process. From the coffeemaker, I make the 17.5 second commute to my writing room—a converted back porch with three walls of windows, overlooking a very flat soybean field and a potential Ohio sunrise. With my laptop on my lap, the day on the cusp, and my story in the forefront of my brain, I write.

No music. No television. No dog barking. No fanfare.

No one else up to talk to me. Just coffee, laptop, sunrise, and me. And my story. Maybe some birds singing. Birds are okay. Silence, however, is an important part of my writing process.

I like to wr…

Welcome to Sweet Hart Inn: Harbor Falls Romance #SophieJacobs

Have you visited Harbor Falls yet?

My Harbor Falls contemporary romance series is a 15-book series with huge potential for growth! In the southern and sometimes quirky small town of Harbor Falls, North Carolina, you’ll find characters to fall in love with, laugh with, and a few that will make you scratch your head.

Having grown up in a small town myself, I can relate. We’re all different but we have each other’s backs (generally!) and there is one common denominator between us all—we love small town living. Harbor Falls is no different.

In this series, you’ll be introduced to Suzie Hart Matthews, owner of Sweet Hart Inn, her family and friends, plus so many of the Harbor Falls townspeople your head may spin. Characters are woven throughout the books so you’ll find continuity with the people and setting from story to story. Minor characters in one story may have a full-blown book of their own down the road.

The Harbor Falls books are a mix of some newer, never-before-published stories …

Read an Excerpt from Chase My Heart -- #99cents limited time!

From Chapter One of Chase My Heart by Sophie Jacobs

“There he is again.” Sydney Hart jerked her head up, bonking her forehead on the top of the display case where she had just placed a fresh tray of scones. “What? Ouch! Where?” She rubbed her head and looked to where her cousin, Suzie Hart Matthews, pointed. “Over there,” Suzie said. “On the bench across the street in front of the library. Your stalker.” Sydney squinted, wiped her hands on her apron, and took a couple of steps toward the big picture window of her bakery. “Oh, Suzie, are you sure?” “Dead positive. I remember his jacket.” “Well, shoot.” Dammit. Puzzled, Sydney blew a strand of hair out of her face and eyed the guy. “I thought maybe he was gone. I really didn’t believe he was stalking me anyway. I mean, Shelley gets riled up about stuff like that, but you are always so levelheaded, Suzie, which has me a bit worried. And you know me, I don’t pay a bit of attention to anything other than what’s happening straightaway in f…

Chase My Heart Releases Today! #sweethartinn #harborfalls #romance

A Harbor Falls Romance, Book 1
Sweet Hart Inn
Suzie Hart is back in Harbor Falls after her television debut in New York. She and her cousin, Sydney, have a number of catering gigs lined up. She’d love to fix Sydney up with a date but when this new guy starts hanging around the bakery, her radar goes up. This guy is definitely not on Suzie’s matchmaking list. Sydney, however, has other ideas.
Romancing the scone? Or romancing her heart?
High tea or sweet tea? As long as there are scones it doesn’t matter. In fact, Suzie’s cousin Sydney Hart, owner of Sydney’s Sugar High Bakery, makes the best damned scones east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason Dixon, and there is an article in Southern’s Best magazine to prove it. All is well and life is good, until a mysterious stranger comes to town, stalking Sydney’s scones, and attempting to romance her out of her famous recipe.

Stone Kellerman isn’t above romancing the scone recipe out of Ms. Sydney Hart. Although he admits he finds the woma…

Love, Forever - #Free Sampler Now Available! #loveforever #gemsinattic

I'm a part of a group of authors who blog over here and we decided to create a freebie set of sampler chapters for our readers. If you want to try out a group of authors for free, just download this set and get 11 first chapters of bestselling author's books. Our hope, of couse, is that you'll find one or two you love and you'll want to read the rest of the stories. 

This sampler collection of romance first chapters by established, award-winning, and bestselling romance authors is guaranteed to whet your happily-ever-after appetite and send you running to your favorite ebook retailer to download to your hearts’ content! This eclectic mix of sweet to steamy reads has you traveling from the past to the future, with historical, time travel, paranormal, contemporary, western, and futuristic romance beginnings.
And we hope you will not stop at the beginning! Our stories are available in a wide variety of ebook retailers world-wide—we hope you download …